make the days count

When you can find work, make work

“When you can find work, make work”

I was always told if you can’t find work, make work. I think everyone knows that good jobs and the economy isn’t perfect. I guess a deeper understanding is look within yourself, what are your talents? Can you monetize those talents and be your own boss?

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As an artist the medium and skill set that i usually use is hand drawing, sketching etc. I have over 5 portfolios of hand drawings at home and a few paint. Utilizing computers as a medium and experimenting with digital art is something new to me. Within this new realm of art most of the artwork created involves “Gloves” or mickey mouse gloves. I used the mickey mouse gloves for 2 reasons.

One, people might not admit it, but we don’t like to face reality even in art. I believe artwork is more accepted when its abstract or has a bit of cartoons characteristics within the message.

Two, long story short, people close to me also know me for my many gloves, so much so that one person nicknamed me “gloves”.

Gloves  is a collection that explores and illustrates the daily hand gestures one may make during different moments if their day.


Is a piece that can be divided into 6 separate portraits, but together it is one big piece. I wanted to explore a persons hand gestures when asking for spiritual guidance or their frustration when they received little or no guidance. I also wanted to illustrate a person, “gloves” taking matters into their own hands, but instead by touching the lens he becomes sick.


28Suns – 1 out of 6 pieces