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Looking like a corporate artist :)

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When looking for inspiration start from the beginning…



I restarted an artistic, worry free and passionate journey that begun years ago. As I told you in my previous post, I took to heart and consumed the negative “words of advice” 😬 others gave me. I should have known that they were feeding me, poison.

I recently realized to hide or ignore ones’ talents and try to fit it into something else, is only possible when there is death-to-self. Death-to-self to me means death to the talents that God gave you, or what’s worst, “burying your talents”.

Have you ever read the story in the Bible of God giving 3 men talents and the 3rd man buries his talents instead of using them to Glorify God? Well, that 3rd guy didn’t have a happy ending.

I believe when you don’t use your talents to achieve your dreams and aspirations you become lost. Lost like a sleep in your career choices, relationships or whatever it maybe, you wonder. You change jobs a lot, then try to find a job (way out of your field) to help support your dream. It can help you reach your final destination, but what I learned is it makes the journey longer. I learned that it is more beneficial and helpful if you work with a company that helps your talents or that you can collaborate with. These are just my thoughts.

As stated earlier I restarted my journey by going back to my first ‘Windows’ of inspiration, fashion magazines. Fashion magazines, to me, are mini soap operas or dramas in print. I was inspired by this Chanel Cruise 2012 campaign (from one of my older magazines) to make a storyline that collaborates with my the artwork, the picture above is a sneak-peek of what I’m working on. Hopefully, you can start to ‘read’ through my art.

When looking for inspiration for a project or a talent that you scrapped a long time ago, go back to what made you fall in love with your talent/dream/project. What inspired you? What gave you that first thrill? Start from the beginning. Once you find that beginning or first love, I believe everything will then fall into place.