Commissioned: Eman the Heartbreak

Finishing up the #roughdraft of this album cover for @Emantheheartbreak

Backstory: The art is to complement Eman’s song called Rewind, revolving around the concept of trying a relationship again after it fell through. He was inspired to use a Blockbuster VHS in the artwork.

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Pray Sno Right, Pray



Pray Sno Right, Pray

This piece of art is one of my favorites, believe it or not. Pray Sno Right, Pray is a piece that is expressing emotions, anguish and hope, emotions that people face when dealing with obstacles, struggles or hardship.

I used Snow White, the Disney princess , to illustrate a ‘perfect’ person from the outside, a princess, beautiful, kind. The multiple ‘gloves’ are to illustrate the various times Snow White has called upon God or prayed for help in her life, to the point that he humble ‘pray hands’ becomes hands of anguish thrown up into the air.


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Egao, is Japanese for Happy

Egao, is Japanese for happy.

Being happy, i believe is a spiritual state of mind. Happy to me is being content, grateful and cheerful of your appearance, social status and life as a whole. What i know is when one is happy there is an inner glow or positive wave that admits from that person body, which others can feel. Unfortunately, that  ‘happy’ state of mind is usually a ‘moment’ in someones life and not an continuous state mainly because it ‘life’.

With Egao, my purpose is to capture that moment and color those emotional feelings or waves of happiness into a picture or ‘Lens’, ‘Leaves’ and ‘Turning Leaves’.




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As an artist the medium and skill set that i usually use is hand drawing, sketching etc. I have over 5 portfolios of hand drawings at home and a few paint. Utilizing computers as a medium and experimenting with digital art is something new to me. Within this new realm of art most of the artwork created involves “Gloves” or mickey mouse gloves. I used the mickey mouse gloves for 2 reasons.

One, people might not admit it, but we don’t like to face reality even in art. I believe artwork is more accepted when its abstract or has a bit of cartoons characteristics within the message.

Two, long story short, people close to me also know me for my many gloves, so much so that one person nicknamed me “gloves”.

Gloves  is a collection that explores and illustrates the daily hand gestures one may make during different moments if their day.


Is a piece that can be divided into 6 separate portraits, but together it is one big piece. I wanted to explore a persons hand gestures when asking for spiritual guidance or their frustration when they received little or no guidance. I also wanted to illustrate a person, “gloves” taking matters into their own hands, but instead by touching the lens he becomes sick.


28Suns – 1 out of 6 pieces




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With this piece I went back to creating art that resonated with pop culture more, but i wanted to use colors that would make people happy or lighten their day. I recreated the yeeuz tour image (my previous work) to artwork that is lighter, happier, adult, yet had a childish feel; therefore i created “Yeess, Yeezus”. I personally love the colors. For my next set of artwork want to intertwine an entertaining story-line, while emotional connecting to people.


“Don’t call it a comeback I’ve been here for years I’m rocking my peers Puttin’ suckers in fear” – LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out 

Restarting in not the problem. Its the motivation to be consistent, persistent and to finally achieve a goal no matter how long it takes. That the real problem, patience.

As i told you in my previous post, i’m restarting my artistic journey, but that doesn’t mean i have been dormant. I have been here for years, rocking my peers in my artist designs, connecting to people through brand collaborations and other avenues. So i have been present, but being present and present & focused in another thing.

So i began this “WEEK + #” art series on Instagram. Starting with the #1 so called King of Pop Culture.



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When looking for inspiration start from the beginning…



I restarted an artistic, worry free and passionate journey that begun years ago. As I told you in my previous post, I took to heart and consumed the negative “words of advice” 😬 others gave me. I should have known that they were feeding me, poison.

I recently realized to hide or ignore ones’ talents and try to fit it into something else, is only possible when there is death-to-self. Death-to-self to me means death to the talents that God gave you, or what’s worst, “burying your talents”.

Have you ever read the story in the Bible of God giving 3 men talents and the 3rd man buries his talents instead of using them to Glorify God? Well, that 3rd guy didn’t have a happy ending.

I believe when you don’t use your talents to achieve your dreams and aspirations you become lost. Lost like a sleep in your career choices, relationships or whatever it maybe, you wonder. You change jobs a lot, then try to find a job (way out of your field) to help support your dream. It can help you reach your final destination, but what I learned is it makes the journey longer. I learned that it is more beneficial and helpful if you work with a company that helps your talents or that you can collaborate with. These are just my thoughts.

As stated earlier I restarted my journey by going back to my first ‘Windows’ of inspiration, fashion magazines. Fashion magazines, to me, are mini soap operas or dramas in print. I was inspired by this Chanel Cruise 2012 campaign (from one of my older magazines) to make a storyline that collaborates with my the artwork, the picture above is a sneak-peek of what I’m working on. Hopefully, you can start to ‘read’ through my art.

When looking for inspiration for a project or a talent that you scrapped a long time ago, go back to what made you fall in love with your talent/dream/project. What inspired you? What gave you that first thrill? Start from the beginning. Once you find that beginning or first love, I believe everything will then fall into place.