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The “no name hand” around Venus

🌞Good morning! I have been working on different pieces for my art collection, I even have one "on the way" for black history month. With that being said I'm glad that i had the opportunity to collaborate artistically with upcoming high fashion model @urtzisanchezarrillaga . He is an amazing model and a really cool guy ❤. I love the fact that each photo he takes some how creates a storyline and I believe he can be a great asset to any fashion design houses or brand. I named this art collection Universe ✨ and this piece Venus. I combined the "no name" hand that I created (in a previous post) which I will now called Grasp courtesy of @lioneldoe into the background of the piece 😉 I have more to come…..hope u like it

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Pray Sno Right, Pray



Pray Sno Right, Pray

This piece of art is one of my favorites, believe it or not. Pray Sno Right, Pray is a piece that is expressing emotions, anguish and hope, emotions that people face when dealing with obstacles, struggles or hardship.

I used Snow White, the Disney princess , to illustrate a ‘perfect’ person from the outside, a princess, beautiful, kind. The multiple ‘gloves’ are to illustrate the various times Snow White has called upon God or prayed for help in her life, to the point that he humble ‘pray hands’ becomes hands of anguish thrown up into the air.


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With this piece I went back to creating art that resonated with pop culture more, but i wanted to use colors that would make people happy or lighten their day. I recreated the yeeuz tour image (my previous work) to artwork that is lighter, happier, adult, yet had a childish feel; therefore i created “Yeess, Yeezus”. I personally love the colors. For my next set of artwork want to intertwine an entertaining story-line, while emotional connecting to people.