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Remembering the Holidays


Things happen for a reason.


life has its ups and downs but sometimes when things happen even though i maybe a loss, i can be a loss for a good reason. The loss may have protected you from something far worse, or it could have re-positioned you on a better path in life.

I found these points on the subject

  • Negative experiences can be an opportunity for spiritual, mental and physical growth.
  • In our lowest points we can find wisdom and understanding.
  • When we receive a loss we are then able to put thing into perspective and be more grateful for what we have.
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Egao, is Japanese for Happy

Egao, is Japanese for happy.

Being happy, i believe is a spiritual state of mind. Happy to me is being content, grateful and cheerful of your appearance, social status and life as a whole. What i know is when one is happy there is an inner glow or positive wave that admits from that person body, which others can feel. Unfortunately, that  ‘happy’ state of mind is usually a ‘moment’ in someones life and not an continuous state mainly because it ‘life’.

With Egao, my purpose is to capture that moment and color those emotional feelings or waves of happiness into a picture or ‘Lens’, ‘Leaves’ and ‘Turning Leaves’.