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With this piece I went back to creating art that resonated with pop culture more, but i wanted to use colors that would make people happy or lighten their day. I recreated the yeeuz tour image (my previous work) to artwork that is lighter, happier, adult, yet had a childish feel; therefore i created “Yeess, Yeezus”. I personally love the colors. For my next set of artwork want to intertwine an entertaining story-line, while emotional connecting to people.


“Don’t call it a comeback I’ve been here for years I’m rocking my peers Puttin’ suckers in fear” – LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out 

Restarting in not the problem. Its the motivation to be consistent, persistent and to finally achieve a goal no matter how long it takes. That the real problem, patience.

As i told you in my previous post, i’m restarting my artistic journey, but that doesn’t mean i have been dormant. I have been here for years, rocking my peers in my artist designs, connecting to people through brand collaborations and other avenues. So i have been present, but being present and present & focused in another thing.

So i began this “WEEK + #” art series on Instagram. Starting with the #1 so called King of Pop Culture.